Fri 19 Jan 2018 | 11:48 EST

Could Taliban finally return to Afghan peace talks? Obstacles abound 8:34am EST

KABUL (Reuters) - Exploratory meetings in Pakistan between a high-level Taliban delegation and a representative of a prominent Afghan politician have fueled speculation of a revival of long-stalled talks on ending Afghanistan's 16-year war that kills thousands each year.  Full Article

China to enshrine Xi's thought into state constitution amid national 'fervor' 6:28am EST 

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's ruling Communist Party will enshrine President Xi Jinping's political thought into the country's constitution, state media said on Friday, further solidifying his power following its addition last year to the party constitution.  Full Article  

Canada's Ontario to stop putting the mentally ill in solitary confinement Thursday, 18 Jan 2018 

TORONTO (Reuters) - Ontario, Canada's most populous province, will stop putting people with mental illness in indefinite solitary confinement and begin phasing out segregation entirely amid growing pressure for Canadian governments to end treatment the United Nations has deemed "torture."  Full Article