Sun 18 Mar 2018 | 21:06 EDT

Putin wins another six years at Russia's helm in landslide victory 7:35pm EDT

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin won a landslide re-election victory on Sunday, extending his rule over the world's largest country for another six years at a time when his ties with the West are on a hostile trajectory.  Full Article

Asia gets the jitters as Fed meeting looms 8:34pm EDT 

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Asian share markets got off to a hesitant start on Monday for a week in which the Federal Reserve is likely to deliver a hike in U.S. interest rates and perhaps signal that as many as three more lie in store for the rest of the year.  Full Article  

Canada escalates U.S. lumber dispute, asks WTO to adjudicate Friday, 16 Mar 2018 

GENEVA (Reuters) - Canada plans to ask the World Trade Organization (WTO) to set up an adjudication panel to judge its dispute with the United States over Canadian lumber exports, indicating that talks have failed to resolve the issue and Ottawa is pressing its case.  Full Article